Aug 162012

Performance Support: What is the role of the Learning Facilitator?

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Performance Support: This question was recently asked within the LinkedIn, ASTD National Group:

What will the role of the Learning Facilitator be in 2013?

With the shift to shorter workshops, an influx of e-learning and a need for true learning consultants, the role of the facilitator is in a state of change. What do you see the role of the facilitator looking like as we start to look ahead to 2013 and beyond?

Tom McDonald’s Comments:facilitator skills

This is not a 2013 issue, it is key today, when we are connecting long term, individual learning, to long term, individual and organization, defined performance improvement, strategic objectives

Where critical, must know, information, must be individually learned, long term:

Where individual, long term, critical must know learning, = Appropriate, Professionally Facilitated: initial understanding, ongoing reinforcement, fluency/mastery, recall (eliminating forgetting), application, stick/behavior change, adaptive reasoning skills, in the most effective and most efficient way possible

The new role of the long term, learning facilitator will be:

“ Instructor facilitated, truly personalized learning, over time, with Instructor facilitated, truly personalized reinforcement, over time, in an Instructor facilitated, truly personalized, blended learning environment, over time”.

For this to be affordable, scalable, effective and efficient, we must supplement the long term, learning and reinforcement with instructor facilitated, truly personalized, learning technology



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