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Return Investment: California, 9-12K, Individual Learning Performance Improvement Solution; California High School Exit Exam, CAHSEE

Return Investment, By TomMcDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC, March 19, 2009

Subject: CA Education and CA Budget

(1) California High School Drop-Out Costs and Corresponding Solution

(2) California Budget Crisis and Corresponding Solution

Your Executive Summary:

The percentage of High School Students passing the CAHSEE exit exam [1] dropped in 2008.

CDRP [2] estimates that each year about 120,000 California students [3] fail to get a diploma by age 20, which translates into a lifetime state cost of 46.4 billion dollars.

The California Department of Education (CDE) reported the 2008 blended CAHSEE pass rates [4] for (a) All Students, (b) English Learners and (c) Special Education students were (a) 61%, (b) 33% and (c) 24%, respectively.

With lifetime drop-out costs estimated at $392,000 per student [5],   California is committed to fund the full burden of both CAHSEE intensive intervention programs and state social programs.

Conversely, this $392,000 per student lifetime figure becomes an overall California economic budget benefit when a potential California dropout stays in school and earns a diploma.

It’s statistically validated, that incumbent, CAHSEE intensive instruction, has to yet provide the necessary learning and retention [6], that results in advanced CAHSEE pass rates, increased graduation rates and decreased drop out costs.

My Brain-based, Web-based, CAHSEE Advanced Learning and Delivery System solves this learning and retention problem and provides a measurable learning ROI for categorical funders. Some dramatic ROI examples are as follows:

*For the California Charter School Association’s (CCSA) [7], 69,000 English Learners (EL), $186,000,000+ would be saved annually, for each of 62 years, by advancing their English Learner CAHSEE pass rates by 67% and 22 points (Annual ROI: 2,600%+). 

*For the California Continuation Education Association’s (CCEA) [8], 50,000 students, $122,000,000+ would be saved annually, for each of 62 years, by advancing their CAHSEE pass rates 67% and 20 points (Annual ROI: 2,345%+).

*For March Mountain Continuation High School’s [9], 111 English Learners (EL),$269,000+ would be saved, annually, for each of 62 years, by advancing their English learner CAHSEE pass rates by 67% and 20 points (Annual ROI: 2,325%+). 

*For SIATech Charter High School’s [10], 49 Special Education Learners (SE), $78,000+ would be saved, annually, for each of 62 years, by advancing their Special Education CAHSEE pass rates by 50% and 13 points (Annual ROI: 1,495%+). 

My brain-based, learning methodology’s, proven, measurable, learning retention and resulting ROI success within your California public school system, is now available for all of your learners, to advance their learning, retention and performance. This achievement concurrently reduces budget allocations for funders of categorical and social programs.

I am requesting to chat with you and your selected colleagues to additionally discuss how we are able to deliver these extraordinary results.

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