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Sales Performance: Closing the Credibility Chasm between Sales and HR

Sales Performance: By John Kenney on Thu, Aug 09, 2012

   “For me, Sales has been a challenging group. Among all organizations I support, Sales is the most resistant. Sales leaders do not want interference from HR. They bring HR late in the game. HR is used for tactical, not strategic support. It is hard to influence things. I have seen this with many sales leaders. This is not just an isolated case.”                                             – Senior VP of Human Resources

During a wide-ranging set of interviews SBI conducted with HR leaders in 2012, this concern was raised over 60% of the time.

Some HR leaders have earned a seat at the Sales leadership table. Others are still trying to figure out how to cross over. If you want to improve the relationship between the VP of Sales and the VP of Human Resources, SBI has an answer. Sign up for our Make the Number Tour if you would like a copy of our Sales Leadership Immersion Program (SLIP, for short).

Sales is the Achilles Heel for HR

The average tenure of a VP of Sales is only 19 months. They require immediate results. Because HR leaders tend to work on longer time horizons, this can create a source of friction between the two leaders and their departments. In addition, some HR executives lack in-depth experience with the Sales function. This is an obstacle that further prevents them from delivering value to the sales leader. What is the risk to HR leaders when they are not well-connected with the sales leadership team? Here is a real life story:

sales performance

Tom McDonald’s Comments:

Another HR and Sales area that is desperate need of integration is sales training (instructor facilitated, long term learning) and Sales Implementation (instructor facilitated, long term, application), because “85% of sales training initiatives have little to no impact on performance after 90-120 days.”

Read the following to find out why the problem exists and for the most effective, efficient, scalable solution:



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