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Jan 252016

Rankings Higher Ed


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Tom’s comments:

How do you, as a student, ensure that your college choice, major of study choice and educational investment, will empower you with sustained student success, that results in relevant employment and sustained, advanced, performance improvement outcomes?

How will you as an educational institution represent, honestly and fairly, to your prospective students, the information that they are looking for, directly above?

The answer is to dig deep into relevant, student focused, educational organization research, that validates student outcomes.

This video, although long for most, is essential to understand how you can successfully run the maze of available information, to access THAT institution’s information that is most meaningful to you.

Note, also, the supporting pieces, along with this website will have direct value to you, in understanding the problems you will encounter and the best practices solutions to those problems.


Rankings Higher Ed – Recent research indicates that students are more focused on your institution’s ranking during their decision process than when building out their college list.  This is contrary to many admissions officer’s viewpoint of rankings being a heavy influencer during the fall recruitment rush.

Earlier this year we challenged institutions to stop feeding the rankings beast and focus on metrics that matter to students.  We also partnered with College Factual to help institutions play to their strengths with rankings that build on their strongest programs.

The below webinar is an overview of how institutions can use new rankings methods to help boost their institution brand at a time that matters most: Yield season.


To Discuss how these Solutions will add value for you, your organization and/or your clients, Affinity/Resale Opportunities, and/or Collaborative Efforts, Please Contact:

Tom McDonald, tsm@centurytel.net; 608-788-5144; Skype: tsmw5752

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