Dec 182015

College Performance Outcomes

College Performance Outcomes – College Measures


Tom’s Comments

This is all very good information for students to access, when choosing a college provider.

The information, in my opinion, that would be most valuable for a student to assess prior to college attendance, which is least developed, is relevant, student gainful employment outcomes at that educational organization (economic success measures, median starting pay and Average Annual Student Loan Payments Per Recent Graduates ).

From this information, students could assess individual return on investment outcomes, ROI, of an educational investment, along with abilities to assess loan repayment abilities.

Since students desire relevant employment upon graduation from an educational organization, student specific, gainful employment outcomes, along with  economic success measures, of similar students, would ensure that the initial student educational investment would have the desired, predictable, student outcome (that is ensure a successful, relevant, sustained, student employment, outcome resulting from that students, organization specific, educational investment)



College Performance Outcomes -College Measures is a partnership between the American Institutes for Research and Matrix Knowledge, focused on using data to drive improvement in higher education outcomes in the United States.

college performance outcomes

College Measures is committed to informing and improving the decision-making process for students, parents, and policymakers. By making available key data through websites like the two-year and four-year college data tools enabling users to make smarter decisions, this project helps create a more efficient, productive and effective higher education system.

This partnership was created from a deep concern about improving higher education in the United States, and the belief that important underlying data is underexposed and underutilized by students, parents, policymakers, and even by institutions themselves.

Mark Schneider is President of College Measures, and Vice President and Institute Fellow at AIR.



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