Jan 292016

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning – Below are a few attempts at defining what Twenty First Century Learning (21st Century) is.

I would add: i. Educationally innovative, adaptive learning technology (software that seamlessly integrated proven best practices pedagogy, ii. professional, ongoing, student facilitated, iii. best practices, data, driven, iv. research proven pedagogy driven, v. student success outcomes centered, vi. student sustained performance improvement outcomes focused; vii. Job skills relevant and viii. in a blended and flipped learning environment.


Adaptive Learning

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning: 1. Learner-centered, 2. Media-driven (this doesn’t have to mean digital media), 3. Personalized, 4. Transfer-by-Design, 5. Visibly Relevant, 6. Data-Rich, 7. Adaptable, 8.Interdependent, 9. Diverse 

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Educationally Innovative, Software, Run on Common Technology (Devices), that Seamlessly Integrate Research Proven, Best Practices Pedagogy and Measurably Advances Student Success Outcomes as well as Measurably Advancing Student, Sustained, Performance Improvement Outcomes

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Adaptive Learning