Oct 142012

Education Reform: Newsletter, Issue #20, 10/14/12

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Education Reform: Compiled by Tom McDonald, McDonald Sales and Marketing, LLC

1. U.S. Education Spending and Performance vs. The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

2. U.S. schools making little progress in improving student achievement

3. Statistics on American K-12 Public Education

4. John Stossel’s ‘Stupid in America’

5. U.S. Education Statistics Compared to Other Countries

6. U.S. Education Spending Compared to Other Countries

7. If America Spends More Than Most Countries Per Student, Then Why Are Its Schools So Bad?

8. Education in the United States

9. U.S. Can Learn From Other Countries’ Education Systems

10. NEAP Writing Proficiency 2011

11. In 7 Young People Are Not Working Or In School: Measure Of America Study

12. Calif. Poised to Spotlight ELLs Stalled in Schools

13. Students’ science proficiency all over the map

14. ‘Advanced’ Students a Rarity in Science, NAEP Data Show

15. Reading Program Ineffective for Students

16. Despite Some Progress Made, Chicago Public Schools is Not Meeting the Needs of Students for College Readiness, Graduation Rates and Closing Achievement Gaps

17. Boosting the Nation’s Economy by Improving High School Drop Out Rates

18. America cannot afford the stiff price of a dropout nation

19. About the Crisis

20. U.S. Education System in Crisis and Endangering the Nation’s Global Competitiveness: U.S. has a Serious Education & Skills Gap

21. U.S. Students Ill-Prepared for Working World

22. U.S. Reforms Out of Sync With High-Performing Nations, Report Finds

23. Pressure for school reform is building 

24. Learning Technology: Duncan Unveils Digital Promise Center

25. Why Kids Need Schools to Change

26. SAT reading scores hit a four-decade low

27. By the SAT Standard, Less Than Half of College-Bound Seniors Are Ready

28. Deep, Effective, Efficient, Learning, Transfer and Application

29. US Department of Education

30. Chicago Study Finds Mixed Results for AVID Program

31. Tennessee Teachers Find It Hard To Make The Grade

32. Chicago Teachers’ Strike Hurts our Kids

33. iPads and Computer Tablets in the Classroom

34. Study finds Pittsburgh principals in classrooms more often

35. California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)

36. Beneath Strife in Chicago, a School District’s Financial Tailspin

37. Requests for a Better Educational System:

38. Waiting For Superman

39. The Parent Trigger

40. The 5 most educated countries in the world

41. Report: Most Michigan Teachers Ace Reviews

42. Oregon Ed. Official: Results for English-Learners ‘Unacceptable’

43. Education Dept. OKs New Comprehensive Centers for Districts

44. $250M investment aims to boost graduation with ed tech

45. U.S. makes modest gains in graduation rates

46. Door to door for student success

47. Universities Must Adapt or Die in the eLearning World

48. Digital Learning – Report: Federal action needed to expand digital learning

49. Former El Paso school chief gets over 3 years in test scandal

50. Educational Technology: Two Models for Educational Technology

51. Education Reform – Study: Online Learning Outcomes Similar to Classroom Results

52.  Eight economic facts about education

53. Report: Some Oregon schools improve, others persist in failure