Mar 132012

Adaptive Learning: Personalized Adaptive Learning Systems

Adaptive Learning; By: Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (Sc.D., MIT) 

Personalized Adaptive Learning Systems 

Adaptive Learning: (Click the arrow in the video, below, or the link immediately above, to View the featured Video)

Additional Adaptive Learning Videos By Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (Sc.D., MIT):

10 Principals 

What is the Difference Between Intelligent Tutors and Adaptive Learning Systems?

What is the Difference Between Adaptive Testing and Adaptive Learning?

What is Andragogy?

What is Pedagogy?

Adaptive Mobile Learning

What is the Difference Between Learning Styles and Learning Strategies for Adaptive Learning Systems?

What is Bloom’s Taxonomy and it’s Relevance to Adaptive Learning?

Changing the Interface of Assessment for Courses with Concept Mastery

Changing the Technology Interface of Education

Adaptive Learning: The Pedagogical Framework “Learning Cube”

Adaptive Learning: Pedagogical Instructional Design

The Pedagogical Framework “Learning Cube”

Pedagogical Instructional Design

Designing Courses for Adaptive Learning

The Adaptive Learning Systems

Evaluation and Assessment Methods

Improving Individual Learning Performance

Higher Retention and Degree Completion


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