Feb 252013

Mobile Solutions: Are You Keeping Up? Student Registration and Accounting, Mobile Applications

By Tom McDonald, Marketing Consultant, News/Athletics/Events, Mobile Solutions andNews/Athletics/Events



How Much Do YOUR Students Rely on WiFi Access on Campus? [Infographic]:

You know the answer is “a bunch” because, for your students, it:

  • Makes their College experience easier
  • It Helps Improve their Performance and
  • It Increases their Productivity

All grrrrreeeaaat things!

Since your students are so connected through their smart phones, tablets and laptops are YOU connected, for their class registrations and payments?

Most University Registrars, Bursars and IT Administration have Mobile Student Registration and Bill Payment on their priority list. We are pleased to inform you that N2N Services Inc. offers an exceptional product that integrates with your Student Information System.

Salient features of N2N’s eNroll product

  1. Simple Search for classes instead of complex multi drop-down search process
  2. Shopping cart based registration experience
  3. Mobile and PC ready User Interface 
  4. Integration with your Student Information System included
  5. Integration with your payment gateway 
  6. Integration with your Student Self-Service and Mobile ecosystem

If you are not connected, you are missing the opportunity to connect with your students they way your students want to connect with you

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  • Mobile Student Registration and Accounting  Solutions
    • We will help you with Student Registration & Accounting
    • We will make your Student Registration & Accounting easier
    •  We will help you with making your Registration website mobile ready


(1) Are you mobile ready empowering your students to register for classes and make payments via their smart phones/tablets?

(2) How can you get mobile ready, quickly?

(3) Who offers a Mobile,  Student Registration and Accounting Solution? (Hint, there are few players in the market that offer full back end functionality on a smart phone or a tablet; Your Mobile Solution Provider is: News/Athletics/Events)



Check out N2N’s Product video on eNroll – A Robust Mobile Communication module that leverages the power of smart phones to streamline communications between your students and their class selections and payments:


To learn more about how your students can benefit from a Student Registration and Payments, Mobile Solution,  join our informational webinar, or contact us directly, for an informational discussion specific to your Mobile Solutions and Professional Services needs.

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