Feb 162013

Mobile Solutions; College e-recruiting strategies: Is your campus keeping up with technology?

By Tom McDonald, Marketing Consultant, News/Athletics/Events, Mobile Solutions andNews/Athletics/Events

Noel-Levitz, in a recent research study, determined that, among other things, ” 94 percent of students want to communicate with college representatives during the enrollment process, with 62 percent saying they wanted to communicate before and after applying”

In their new, 2012 E-Recruiting Practices Report , Noel-Levitz “shows colleges and universities are working to keep up with prospective students’ changing behaviors and preferences by employing a wide range of online technologies such as mobile-optimized Web sites, text messaging, social media, QR codes, and more”.

“For example, in response to the rising use of mobile devices among high school students, more than one-third of four-year colleges and universities nationally now have mobile-optimized Web sites. Specifically, 39 percent of four-year public universities and 35 percent of four-year private colleges now have a Web site that is optimized for mobile browsing. The study also found these figures are set to double within the next year, as at least half of the study’s respondents that are currently without mobile-optimized sites reported they were preparing to launch one by spring 2013”.


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