Apr 072013

Student Engagement – Are you engaging your learners for better learning outcomes?

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Student Engagement; Newsletter, Issue #26, 04/13/13

By Tom McDonald, Marketing Consultant, News/Athletics/Events, Mobile Solutions andNews/Athletics/Events

Not totally engaging your students over their student experience life cycle results in admissions elsewhere, poor retention of existing admissions , lessened graduations and undesirable student connections with Alumni and Alumni development efforts.

How are you engaging your Students and then Managing that Student Engagement?

OnLine? Mobile? ,or both?

Statistics reflect that your students are solidly connected to each other via mobile devices.

This is their preference to communicate with others, including you.

Are you currently providing your students a total student engagement process and total student engagement platform that connects them to you throughout their student life cycle with you, for their benefit and yours?

Here are a number of proven ways to engage your students throughout their educational experience with you – How many are you using? How many are your peers using?

(1) Social Media

  • Push Notifications
  • Events
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

(2) Admissions

  • Push Notifications
  • Lead Generation
  • Recruit Management
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Counseling
  • Financial Aid

(3) Registration

  • Push Notifications
  • Course Waiting Lists
  • Class Enrollments
  • Shopping Cart Experience
  • Payments for Chosen Classes

(4) Campus Living

  • Dorm Life
  • Bus Routes
  • Facilities
  • Community

(5) Facilitated Personalized Learning and Ongoing Reinforcement

  • Push Notifications
  • Appropriate Pedagogy (Andragogy)
  • Academic Advisement
  • Classroom Instruction, Online Instruction and Blended Instruction
  • Learning Technology
  • Course Creation
  • Instructional Design
  • Course Delivery
  • Peer Learning
  • Measured Individual Deep, Sustained,Learning, Transfer and Application Resulting in Advanced Individual Performance Improvement
  • Graduations and Job Placements

(6) Alumni and Organizational Development

  • Push Notifications
  • Events
  • Campus Updates
  • Development and Donation Efforts