Apr 142013

Mobile Solutions for Recruiting and Admissions Staff

By Tom McDonald, Marketing Consultant, News/Athletics/Events, Mobile Solutions andNews/Athletics/Events

Over the last ten years, with the proliferation and engagement in the internet as well as mobile technology, there has been a dramatic change in the student college search experience.

Students have flocked to the internet as their primary tool for researching colleges

Noel-Levitz, OmniUpdate, CollegeWeekLive, and NRCCUA®  (National Research Center for College & University Admissions) conducted a survey of nearly 2,300 college-bound high school students regarding the use of  mobile devices to search for colleges

Here are some statistics, from 2000+ students polled:

  • More than half (52 percent) of those students who said they used a mobile device at least once per week reported visiting a college’s mobile site
  • Forty-nine percent of students said that their experience on a mobile site strengthened their perception of the campus
  • 47 percent of students said that they would return to a school’s mobile site

Note our comparison graphic of traditional paper based inquiry forms vs. the mobile recruiter (Where are you currently positioned?):