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University Facility Fees

University Facility Fees – University of Akron to repay students $4.1 million in facilities fees

University Facility Fees – By Rick Armon and Marilyn Miller ;Beacon Journal staff writers

University Facility Fees – Published: March 2, 2016 – 12:07 PM | Updated: March 3, 2016 – 11:54 AM


University Facility Fees – This is a reinforcement of the common thinking in traditional education that more money is the solution to all their problems and the measures they will take to get more of it, without providing additional relevant value to their students.

Unfortunately, history has shown us that more money just continues to cover up what’s not working in traditional education.

The spiral of institution focused, inefficient, ineffective traditional education must be broken.

Since education only exists to advance relevant, student success outcomes, that result in relevant, advanced, student performance improvement outcomes, leading to relevant student employment, traditional education needs to become more effective and efficient specific to these defined institution mission/vision objectives.

It’s clear that traditional education is too expensive and it’s student outcomes are uncertain.

Since students= revenue, traditional educators better realize that the current institution focused, ineffective, inefficient paradigm must be addressed quickly, to better benefit their students, or their students will stop enrolling.

Paradigm Paralysis

More Money

Education Change Teaching to Learning

Student Employability

Untenable Higher Ed

Rankings Higher Ed



University Facility Fees – The University of Akron will repay $4.1 million in fees to students after the state determined that the school improperly raised its facilities fee last year.

The school announced the refund in a news release issued Wednesday morning.

UA had bumped the fee from $18.55 per credit hour to $28.50 per credit hour as a way to increase its revenue and address a “$60 million financial problem.”

But the state says the facilities fee qualifies as a general fee, and state leaders last year froze tuition and general fees at public universities as part of the state’s biennial budget. The university approved its spending plan before the state budget was passed.

Jeff Robinson, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Higher Education, said the issue “was discovered as part of an annual tuition and fee reporting process” by the state.

The school then was informed of the problem.

The university didn’t realize the facilities fee qualified as a general fee, he said.

Robinson said he knew of no other public university facing the same issue this year.

UA had the option of complying with the state freeze or not, he said.

“We appreciate the University of Akron’s cooperation on this matter,” Robinson said.

The school will refund the increase from the last two semesters to all affected students before the end of this semester.

UA spokesman Wayne Hill said the university hasn’t determined yet where it will get the money for the fee reimbursements.

“We have the obligation to repay it and we’ll find a way to do that in the process of developing a budget for the upcoming fiscal year,” he said.

The new fiscal year begins July 1.

Amounts will vary depending on the number of credit hours taken. The maximum refund will be $238.80 per student, the school said.

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University Facility Fees