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Educationally Innovative Technology

Educationally Innovative Technology – What’s Happening Inside the Adaptive Learning Black Box?

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Educationally Innovative Technology -“Adaptive learning” is a popular edtech buzzword, used by curriculum and learning management systems alike. Enthusiasts promise this technology has the ability to make educational experiences more personal, efficient and scalable.

Yet, there’s a big problem. There’s very little clarity around what this technology does, doesn’t do and how it actually works. Part of the problem stems from a semantic black box, filled with terms like “algorithms” and “predictive analytics” that offer only a vague explanation of how adaptive learning tools work.

Watching educators and entrepreneurs struggle to communicate just what this promising technology was doing, we asked two questions: What’s inside the adaptive learning black box? How do the tools on the market differ?…

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Educationally Innovative Technology

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Educationally Innovative Technology

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Educationally Innovative Technology


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