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Aug 142016

Educationally Innovative

What IS Educationally Innovative?

Tom McDonald, August, 14,2016

1.What is educationally innovative?

2. How does educationally innovative differ from traditional teaching?

3. Why is educationally innovative  important?

4. What is the best/correct way to implement educationally innovative, 21st Century, Deep, adaptive learning methodologies?

  1. What is educationally Innovative?

Educationally innovative is research based, classroom proven, best practices, pedagogy, that effectively, efficiently, consistently and affordably, advances relevant, individual student success, that results in relevant, advanced, student performance improvement outcomes.

2. How does educationally innovative differ from traditional teaching?

Traditional teaching is one size fits all (lecture, video, elearning). At best, traditional one size fits all teaching provides superficial, initial understanding, which is soon forgotten, for 25-30% of the class (for the rest of the class, the pace is either too slow, or too fast for initial understanding to occur). This is okay with nice to know information, like directions.

Educationally innovative, 21st Century, deep, adaptive learning, 21st Century Deep, adaptive skills,  goes way beyond initial understanding, to empower all participants with individualized, sustained, adaptive, performance improvement outcomes. This is key in critical, must know information, where performance outcomes cannot be subject to trial and error.

3.Why is educationally innovative  important?

Because our goal is to empower ALL students with the most relevant, effective, efficient, consistent, affordable path to advanced, relevant, performance improvement outcomes (advanced student success outcomes) .

Traditional teaching leaves initial understanding, information fluency, appropriate application and sustained individual performance improvement completely on the shoulders of each student. A very small percentage of students actually get to sustained individual performance improvement, through, individual luck, sheer grit, determination and trial and error. The remainder of students are left behind.

This one size fits all teaching approach is ineffective, inefficient, inconsistent and costly. We CAN do better.

4. What is the best/correct way to implement educationally innovative, 21st Century, Deep, adaptive learning methodologies?

The ‘ideal’ approach, that I’ve heard from educators most often, is to allocate one teacher to one student. To truly personalize and facilitate each students adaptive learning experience. As we all know, this is not financially feasible.

The viable approach is to totally and completely change educational paradigms from traditional one size fits all teaching, to educationally innovative, deep, adaptive, 21st century learning.

We MUST overcome paradigm paralysis.

Also, …schools are trying to add some innovative practices to their curriculum: that’s the wrong approachBest practices have reflected that we must completely and totally replace one size fits all teaching with 21st Century learning methodologies. A piecemeal approach simply does not and will not work to advance relevant,  individual student,deep, adaptive learning that results in relevant, individual student, sustained, performance improvement outcomes.

Long story short, the new relevant, effective, efficient, consistent, affordable, scalable, 21st century, deep, individualized, student, adaptive, learning/skills paradigm, is, professionally facilitated, seamlessly integrated, educationally innovative technology, in a blended and flipped learning environment.

Readily available, educationally innovative, software will effectively, efficiently, consistently and affordably empower teachers with the research driven, best practices, required tools to empower students with advanced student success, that results in advanced, sustained, student, performance improvement outcomes.

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educationally innovative

educationally nnovative

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