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Education Reform: Telling Is Not Teaching

Education Reform: By Walt Gardner on June 11, 2012, Via Education Week

Walt Gardner comments on an article written by a Notre Dame University Professor, that offers ways to improve public schools.

The professor  maintains that “a high level of intelligence, enthusiasm for ideas and an ability to communicate” assure effective instruction.

Walter agrees that these are essential ingredients to learning, but are not enough since the traditional teaching methodology is  the lecture.

Walter goes on to state that Professors may be bright, enthusiastic and articulate in lecturing, but lecturing by its very nature does not allow students to achieve high-level cognitive outcomes.

Since there is a recent book out entitled “Telling Ain’t  Training”,  which identifies effective and efficient learning methodologies, this article is very timely.

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TomMcDonald’s Comments:

3:05 PM on June 12, 2012

The sad reality is that most educators have not been taught, brain based, research based , learner centric , learning methodologies.

The research is overwhelming that event based, one to many lecturing does little if anything to transfer learning to student participants within a college environment, within a K-12 environment, or within a business environment.

The new teacher facilitated, learning method, is learner centric, truly personalized learning, in a blended learning environment, supplemented with truly personalized learning technology.

As I mentioned in my post to a related article “How Can Teachers Create a Learner Centered Environment?”, my website, 800+ unique and varied posts, provides validation to change the incumbant one to many teaching approach to a personalized learning approach.

We know how to do this and we have the tools available to do this.

First we must acknowledge that the current teaching approach does not work. Then we must educate ourselves about research proven, market proven, brain based, truly personalized learning and parallel learning technologies.

Then we must implement the new approach within our classrooms and measure the results.

We need to get beyond band-aid and fad ‘fixes’ that make us feel that we are doing something and follow the proven learning research.

Here are some related categories, with multiple posts within each category validating the above:
Effective and efficient learning is not a them vs. us proposition….it’s an US proposition, where we all gain through collaboration.

We must discount the naysayers and force them to validate their positioning with proven learning research, just as I have validated my position via my website posts.

We need to get past the emotions and the generalizations and implement the research validated learning methodologies that have been proven to advance individual learning.



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