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Training Evaluation;Managing the Training Evaluation Function – Blog 3: Work Processes

Training Evaluation: By Dave Basarab, V.A.L.E. Consulting, Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Training Evaluation work processes need to be integrated with the following existing training and development processes:

  • Instructional Design
  • Course Development
  • Course Delivery

Instructional Design

When you are designing a new course or redesigning an existing one, how the course is to be evaluated needs be factored in and the design modified if needed.  If you are conducting Predictive Evaluation then you will need to develop the course’s Impact Matrix driving the go or no go decision based upon predicted value to be realized.  All courses should use a Level 1 Kirkpatrick end of course evaluation.  Click here to see how to design the evaluation form and get a sample.

Course Development

As you build the course materials (classroom or on-line) your design will need to factor in the following:

  • Time to administer the Level 1 form or code it into your on-line program
  • Will you be using Level 2 evaluation? Pre-test? Post-test? Small tests (cognitive or behavioral) throughout the course? The design needs to account for these training evaluation efforts
  • If you are doing Intention Evaluation, factor in the time for action planning (creating Intention goals)

Course Delivery

For training evaluation purposes you need to ensure the following processes are done with the highest level of quality:

  • Setting up and coaching participants as they develop their action plans for Intention Evaluation
  • Administering Level 2 tests as per instructional design
  • Administering Level 1 evaluation forms

Note: allot time during any train-the-trainer sessions to cover any of the processes above.

Next post: Staffing the function.



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