Aug 232011

Training Evaluation Plan – The Evaluation Deliverables & Schedule

Training Evaluation: Posted by Dave Basarab, V.A.L.E Consulting on Mon, Aug 22, 2011

 Using the training evaluation questions and other planning elements you defined earlier (see previous blog posts), create a list of information that the training evaluation needs to deliver in order to answer the evaluation questions. Specify when and how each item must be delivered. These are the elements of the PE (Predicting Training’s Value, Intention Evaluation, Adoption Evaluation, and/or Impact Evaluation).

Add the deliverables to the training evaluation plan, with an estimated delivery date. More accurate delivery dates can be established during the scheduling phase, which is next.

Evaluation Schedule

Create a list of tasks that need to be carried out for each deliverable. For each task, identify the following:

  • The amount of effort (hours or days) required to complete the task
  • The resource that will carry out the task

Scheduling a training evaluation is a factor of size, scope, volume, type of course, the number of participants, and which elements of a training evaluation are being performed. As an example, here is a table to aid in estimating time for a Predictive Evaluation.


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