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Learning Research: What’s Learning Research Good For?

Learning Research – eLearning Guild Research: What’s Research Good For, Anyway?

Learning research: By Patti Shank, Via Learning Solutions Magazine, June 14, 2012

“When one thinks about research, most people think of scientific research involving double-blind studies and the like. But research takes many forms, including numerous activities that include discovery, interviews, surveys, collecting useful information, and so on. What do all forms of research have in common? All seek to bring about the collecting of data and turning that data into knowledge for the good of the community. And the Guild’s community is you!”

You may think that learning research is pie-in-the-sky stuff that’s meant only for people who enjoy big words and obscure concepts. Or you may only be interested in research when you’re trying to convince your boss that your group needs to do something differently or to sign off on buying something she’s not so keen on.

It’s all about you

Actually, you should be interested in research for a lot of reasons, but the main reason is to improve your own practice. But to use it to improve your practice, you need to understand it. And over the next few months, I hope to help you do just that.

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Tom McDonald’s Comments:

It’s spectacular that there is a concentrated focus on learning research specific to instructional design.

Without following proven learning research, learning outcomes, consistent with strategic business objectives are compromised.

Incorporate solid learning research into your instructional design and engage learning technology that integrates research proven learning methodologies.



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