May 212011

Training Evaluation: Predictive Evaluation Video

Predictive Evaluation, the first and only training and evaluation approach that adds the element of prediction. Using the Predictive Evaluation Model developed by Dave Basarab, trainers and business leaders can now successfully predict training’s results, value, intention, adoption and impact, allowing them to make smarter, more strategic training and evaluation investments. How is Predictive Evaluation different from other approaches? click here to find out

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The Predictive Evaluation Model, a practical step-by-step process that begins where most other evaluations stop. It’s unique because it: Adds the element of prediction to training evaluations, and is the first training evaluation model to do so. Requires student participation, making employees feel invested and engaged throughout the process. Provides recommendations for continuous improvement. Predicts the quantifiable impact of training to forecast training investments, results and ROI. Can be used with existing or new courses and works equally well with classroom-based training, on-the-job training, on-line learning, workshops, etc. Is appropriate for content across all industries and departments. Is suitable for staff at all levels.

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