Jul 172014

California Community College Student Outcomes Abroad Research Project-Study Abroad:

“In a study recently completed by the University of Minnesota, data showed that of the Fall 1999 and Fall 2000 freshmen, only about 50% of those who did not study abroad graduated in five years, where over 85% of those who studied abroad graduated in five years”.

“Indiana University data shows 95.3% of students who study abroad (using the entering cohort from 1999) graduated within 6 years as compared to 68.5% for the students who did not study abroad”

The GLOSSARI data reflecting the Georgia higher education system data reports several interesting findings. Students who study abroad have a 17.8% higher 4-year graduation rate. Students-of-color who study abroad have a 17.9% higher 4-year graduation rate. In particular, African-American students who study abroad have a 31.2% higher four-year graduation rate and African-Americans who study abroad achieve 6-year graduation rates that are roughly the same as white students who study abroad (84.4% vs. 88.6%). Additionally, students who study abroad have higher grade point averages in their subsequent and final semesters, with the improvement in GPAs most pronounced among students who entered colleges with relatively lower SAT scores and high-school grades (glossari.uga.edu)”

“Findings from this research lend empirical support for this assertion, adding that it is not enough to send students to study abroad without intentional pedagogy focused on outcomes of intercultural effectiveness.”

“Results confirmed the hypothesis that students who study abroad exhibit a greater change in intercultural communication skills after their semester abroad than students who stay on campus. Results also indicated that exposure to various cultures was the greatest predictor of intercultural communication skills”

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