21st Century Learning

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Jan 152016

21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning – What is 21st Century, Learning and Why is it Important?

21st Century learning


Tom’s Comments:

Superficial, initial, understanding, of knowledge, that can be accessed everywhere, at any time, is no longer enough (Traditional educations, one size fits all, teaching paradigm; This information will be soon forgotten and rarely will be correctly applied, long term, to advance individual student, performance outcomes).

Individuals MUST now go far beyond initial understanding, so they are able to access and apply new information correctly, long term, in new and differing circumstances, so they are able to advance individual performance outcomes (21st Century, NEW, deep learning paradigm, that empowers individual students with sustained, performance improvement outcomes).

Key 21st century skills are: adaptive learning, collaboration, critical thinking, deep learning, communication, engagement, information literacy, media tools, problem solving, relevance, student success…. all student focused…with individual student, performance improvement outcomes as an end defined, strategic goal.




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