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Sales Coach: Understanding Five Types of Sales Coaches

Sales Coach: By Steve W. Martin  |  July 25, 2012

Salespeople know they need a constant, accurate source of information that reveals the internal machinations of a potential customer’s selection process. These “coaches” are individuals who provide accurate information about the sales cycle and competition. Salespeople sometimes believe they have a coach when, in reality, they don’t. Heavy hitters (truly great salespeople) know they have a coach when the person not only provides them with accurate information, but also helps them by fighting for their cause. A true coach will represent and promote a salesperson’s solution to his colleagues and, even better, to senior executive leadership.

There are five different types of coaches, who bring varying degrees of value to a salesperson:

(1) Frenemy:

sales coach

Tom McDonald’s Comments:

This ‘sales coach’ is also referred to as an internal sales, sales initiative, advocate.

Ideally, the “guide” is your best internal, sales advocate.



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