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Cognitive Neuroscience: Memory and its Disorders - The UCLA Silva Lab
Apr 222012

Cognitive Neuroscience: Memory and its Disorders – The UCLA Silva Lab

cognitive neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience: Our laboratory at UCLA is studying learning, memory and its disorders.

Our field of study is Molecular and Cellular Cognition. The goal of this field is to derive explanations of cognitive processes that integrate molecular, cellular, and behavioral mechanisms and to find treatments for cognitive disorders. We are part of the UCLA Integrative Center for Learning and Memory


  • We are searching for molecular, cellular and circuit processes that underlie the encoding, allocation, storage and recall of information in the brain.
  • Insights into mechanisms of memory are being used to unravel the causes and develop treatments for cognitive deficits associated with aging, learning disabilities, autism and schizophrenia. Recently, we have shown that it is possible to reverse neurodevelopmental disorders, such as learning disabilities associated with TSC and NF1, in adults.
  • Additionally, we hope our studies of the mechanisms underlying extraordinary cognitive function may lead to general treatments for cognitive disorders.
  • Our laboratory is developing strategies to derive simplified useful representations (i.e. maps) of previous findings that could be used for experiment planning.

New papers and more:

  • New Mol Psych paper on the interaction between TSC and gestational immune activation in autism (PDF)
  • New PNAS research paper on human and mouse studies of the role of neurofibromin in prefrontal cortical function (PDF)
  • New Current Biology paper on the biology of remote memory (PDF)
  • New Annual Reviews of Neuroscience on learning disabilities associated with NF1 ((PDF)
  • New Science article on memory allocation (PDF)
  • New Nature Neuroscience article on the mechanisms of memory allocation (PDF)
  • New Nature Review on mice with cognitive enhancements (PDF)


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