Nov 072011

Learning Styles: The Validating Evidence is Not There

Foo Foo About: Designing Instruction for Learning Styles Differences

Learning Styles: Here are some online resources about this Foo Foo/ Myth…

NPR covered this on August 29, 2011 – read and listen to short recording here.

Learning Styles – A Bridge to Nowhere?

There Is No Such Thing as “Learning Styles”
by Sigmund Tobias, Fordham University

Published in Summer 2001 in the CADDI Newsletter: Pursuing Performance – here – and in a post here:

Debunking the Myth – There Is No Such Thing As “Learning Styles”

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99 Seconds Session – Video – of Rob Foshay in 2000 at ISPI Conference

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From Ruth Clark, PhD
 Evidence-Based Training: Debunking the Myth of Learning Styles  -a short summary of Ruth Clark’s book where she addresses the myth of learning styles.
From:  –

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The Myth of Learning Styles – detailed article from Cedar Riener and Daniel Willingham  about why learning styles are a myth. From:

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From Harold Stolovitch –

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From Will Thallheimer, PhD –

Will also is offering a $1,000.00 (US) reward to anyone who can “prove” impacting Learning via designing for Learning Styles preferences:

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Video from Professor Daniel Willingham

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From Clark Quinn – From: – and

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Learning Styles as Fortune Telling – Cammy Bean has a nice summary of her findings as she tries to better understand the role of learning styles in e-Learning. From:

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Yes, There Are No Learning Styles – by Ellen Behrens

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Recent Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Findings on Cyber Learning – Richard E. Clark PhD –

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Here is a page from a Google Search on “Learning Styles Evidence” –

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From APS – Association for Psychological Science – 2009

Learning Styles Debunked: There is No Evidence Supporting Auditory and Visual Learning, Psychologists Say – here.


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