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Sales Success: Percentage of Sales Success. How Low Can You Go?

Sales Success: Gitomer | September 24, 2011 |

Jeffrey, I have to make 50 cold calls a week.”


“My boss said I have to. Everyone has to.”


“Because we’re trying to make new contacts and more new sales.”

“Is there a better way to do that than cold calls?”

“I sure hope so.”

“Well, let me give you a clue: There is no WORSE way.”

The cold call is THE lowest percentage sales call. It’s an interruption, it’s a fight, it’s often a lie, it’s maximum sales manipulation, and it’s a rare appointment and a rarer sale. Wanna go from low to lower? Cold calls are made by people who are new to the job and have limited capabilities. Or worse, they are made by seasoned sales people convinced that “cold calls work, they have made me a lot of money.”

Sales Success – How Low Can You Go?


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