Sep 092011

Personal Development: Radio Show – The Little Thing that Means Everything in High End Sales

Personal Development: Eric Lurs, The Gurus Selling System interviews Blair Singer, author of  Little Voice Mastery,, (49.04 minutes) on Erics Radio Show

Eric and Blair chat about sales peoples individual voice and best practices in managing this little voice for optimum personal sales performance. Some of their comment points:

(1) Successful sales training must include individual sales success, with the new process, to change individual behaviors

(2) Sales Metrics are key for individual and team performance guidance and accountability

(3) Business development skills are important

– Including sales techniques development

(4) Personal development training (emotional skillsets) is critical

(5) All this needs to be set in closed environment with individual/group codes of honor, an individual coach/driver and a defined time period

– How to operate as a team/How to operate as an individual (Goal setting)

– Self Value vs. Resistance

(6) Individuals need a high self image to be successful

– Isolate the individual behavior from the individual (self actualization)

Eric Luhrs – Abstract:

As a high end salesperson you’ve been trained in complicated sales. You’ve been trained in your product or service specs. You’ve dressed the part. You’ve done your research. You’ve prepared for every objection.

Nothing can stop you!

Okay…maybe ONE thing can stop you;  the Little Voice in your head! Afterall, how can you escape it?

Well, that is what my guest Blair Singer, author of Little Voice Mastery, is here to tell us!

During the interview we discussed:

  • What exactly is the Little Voice?
  • Why you need a Code of Honor to overcome the Little Voice
  • How you can master the Little Voice and create great sales by simply being yourself
  • And much more


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