Mar 062011

Talent Management Components:

Sourcing & Recruiting

Find, attract and hire the right talent to drive your business plans. From sourcing to onboarding and internal mobility, a unified talent management system provides significant advantages in reducing time to hire, cost of hire, and dozens of process costs. But it also increases quality of hire, engagement, retention, and ultimately the productivity and innovation that drive successful business performance. Plug performance management data right back into recruiting and sourcing processes to refine your strategies based on top performer and high potential profiles.


Convert candidates into employees seamlessly with powerful onboarding to get them the tools and information they need to get up to speed and productive quickly. Quickly align new employees to goals, create compensation plans, and define career paths quickly and effectively to ensure new employees are highly engaged from the moment they sign their offer letter.

Performance Reviews & Goals

Transform performance management from an annual event to an integrated process connected to goals, succession, development, careers, and compensation. Employ everyday performance management that’s designed for the business user with complete talent views that you can tailor to how your company works.

Succession Planning

Build leadership pipeline and gain visibility into organizational bench strength for critical positions with succession planning. Avoid business disruptions with smooth transitions at key positions and increase retention of top performers and high potential employees through a clear vision of their future career path and development plans. Gain a full view of all available successors through visibility to both internal and external talent pools on succession plans.

Compensation Management

Create compensation budgets that reward your top performing employees with real performance driven rewards. Retain those top performers that generate higher revenue and profits. Do it all on a single global platform.

Development Planning & Learning

Drive business results with integrated goal alignment and career development. Increase employee productivity with actionable career development plans for higher productivity. Reduce costs by retaining and engaging your top performers. Unlock organizational knowledge through a unique blend of fostering social learning, community participation and traditional classroom learning.

Competency Platform Talent Profile

Standardize your view of all information for both internal and external talent through a common competency platform and talent profile. Common competencies are said to be the ‘currency’ or glue that holds together talent management within an organization. Identify the characteristics, experience and skills required for high performance in your critical positions and then precisely match people to jobs, measure performance and create development plans based on these competencies.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your workforce and talent management processes with standard reports, ad hoc reporting tools, and robust workforce analytics.

Integration Tools

Enhance and extend your talent management processes by connecting to backend HRIS systems, data warehouses, and best of breed point solutions quickly and easily through pre-integrated solutions, self-service tools, and open APIs.


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