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Trigger Warnings

Trigger Warnings: learning ahead!

Trigger Warnings – Warning: this text is dealing with trigger warnings!


Let me start with a trigger warning; You probably aren’t going to like what I say:

The reason that you have trigger warnings is that traditional education has failed their students and continues to fail their students and they are inappropriately trying to placate their students so students enroll and remain

Traditional Education is historically:

  • Institution focused, at best they tolerate their students, at worst, their students are an annoyance
  • One size fits all teaching (lecture), that does not empower all students with adaptive skills, that ensure sustained individual student performance improvement
  • Unable to change for the betterment of their students; there is lots and lots of talk, but very, very little action
  • Mired in paradigm paralysis “it works for us why should we change?”
  • Unable to provide relevant student success, performance improvement outcomes, that result in sustained gainful employment that results in ongoing contributions to society
  • Over priced and unaffordable for those wanting to enroll
  • Habitually focused on buildings, one size fits all elearning, multi million dollar student services centers, luxury dorms, landscaped grounds. The students success is an afterthought
  • Reactive, not proactive

When you screw the pooch this badly, trying to justify your student value comes out in all the wrong ways

If they focused on changing paradigms and provided measurable student success results and affordable pricing they could be proactive rather that perpetually and inappropriately reactive


There is a constant increase of attention on the so-called ‘trigger warnings’ in higher education. Hamlet cannot be discussed in classrooms without a public warning stating that the following text is dealing with mental health and death… Forget about a free dive into some ideas of Greek philosophers or current challenges and crises facing humanity or our societies: there is much too much sensitive material there. As a student may have the experience of a real and violent revolution it is safe and important to have a public warning before discussing Kuhn’s structure of scientific revolutions – the last word may cause trauma.

Some say that this is ridiculous, but the persistence of this new fad may signal something important for the future of universities and society.

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