Nov 012011

Learning Outcomes: Why Does Training/Learning Matter?

Learning Outcomes: By Savi Learning

Learning Outcomes: Tom McDonald’s Comments:

This is a  great commentary on the importance of training to individuals and to organizations.

The same argument could be made relative to learning and learning transfer. Advanced individual mastery of critical information and reduced individual time to mastery of critical information would also benefit individuals and organizations.


Learning Outcomes: In an economy that continues to challenge organizations in most sectors, employers and employees are finding new ways to think about business development, employee development, job security and commitment.

Learning Outcomes: After an extended period of being overworked and feeling stretched on the job, many employees have disengaged, which is worse than leaving the company altogether. Disengaged employees actually cost money, as they are actively working at being non-productive or adding zero value to the organization.

Organizations, on the other hand, are faced with continued tight budgets, which can often mean a lack or complete abandonment of employee development programs.

What we’ve learned is the training matters. Why?

  • As an employee investment, its cost and reach is flexible and with embedded evaluation, the benefits can be measured according to the company’s most immediate priorities.
  • Training leads to an increase in perceived employee investment will increase employee commitment.
  • Training that builds a sense of debt to the organization will lead to higher engagement levels.
  • Any development effort that seeks to increase an employee’s identification with the company is likely to increase productivity.

In the realm of risky decisions that companies are faced with every day, training is a low-risk investment with guaranteed returns.

  1. Provides measurable outcomes
  2. Leads to increased employee commitment
  3. Results in higher engagement
  4. Increases employee productivity


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