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Teaching Learning – The Scholarship of Teaching  Learning Reconsidered: Institutional Integration and Impact

Teaching Learning -Publisher: San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Publication Author: Pat Hutchings, Mary Taylor Huber, Anthony Ciccone


Drawing on the experience with the individuals, campuses, and professional associations associated with the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Institutional Leadership Program, this important resource examines four critical areas where engagement with the scholarship of teaching and learning can have a significant effect. This book is intended for a broad audience of campus leaders, faculty, and people in foundations and other education associations with an interest in supporting new directions in teaching and learning.

“This book is about the scholarship of teaching and learning, why it matters today—and what it promises for tomorrow. In this first chapter, we situate the work in the broader context of the turn toward learning in higher education policy and practice, and discuss the challenges this shift poses for institutions and faculty. Because we draw many of our examples and insights from the experience  of individuals and institutions participating in the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL, 1998–2009), we will describe that program and its place in the larger movement that is broadening the scope and deepening understanding of this work. We then look briefly at four areas we believe to be the growing edge for the work’s impact on higher  education. These areas, subjects of the next four chapters, include classroom teaching and learning, professional development, assessment, and the value (and evaluation) of teaching. Our final chapter asks what colleges and universities would look like if the principles and practices of the scholarship of teaching and learning were to take hold across academic culture, and what leaders can do to move their institutions in that direction. We conclude this first chapter with a look at the evidence we draw on in this book, followed by a return to Scholarship Reconsidered,  and our conviction that the scholarship of teaching and learning can help colleges, universities, and the academic profession responsibly and effectively address the new realities confronting higher education today.

In short, we argue that it is time to reconsider the scope of the scholarship of teaching and learning, and see it as a set of principles and practices that are critical to achieving institutional goals for student learning and success.”


The scholarship of teaching and learning is part of a broader transformation in the intellectual culture of higher education, where attention to learning has been growing steadily over the past twenty years. As Robert Barr and John Tagg put it in their influential 1995 article, “From Teaching to Learning”: “A  paradigm shift is taking hold in American higher education. In its briefest form, the paradigm that has governed our colleges is this: A college is an institution that exists to provide instruction. Subtly but profoundly we are shifting to a new paradigm: A college is an institution that exists to produce learning. This shift changes everything. It is both needed and wanted” (p. 13).”

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