Jun 282012

Blended Learning: Reflecting On A Year Of Blended Learning

blended learning

Blended Learning: by Sam McElroy, Gotham Schools, Special Education

Some of the city’s “turnaround” schools, including the one where I work, are listing knowledge or willingness to learn about using a blended learning instructional models as a criterion for hiring teachers.

That’s because we are participating in the iLearn NYC program, a Department of Education initiative to support blended learning throughout the city. The initiative gives schools access to online content from various providers at a reduced cost; a learning management system to host online courses; and professional development, technical support, and training.

The term “blended learning” caused a great deal of head-scratching among some staff members in my school as I’m sure it did in other turnaround schools. As the iLearn coordinator for my school, I offered answers to any questions teachers might have and there were many. Some people dismissed blending learning, regarding it as having little educational value, while others expressed fear that the model threatens the teaching profession. Many other teachers were interested to know more. I thought it worthwhile to share my experience and perspective on blended learning for others who might have similar concerns and questions.

blended learning



Tom McDonald’s comments:

I’m really happy to see a blended learning approach being integrated into instruction. Learning research reflects that blended learning methodologies accelerate individual learning outcomes.

Here is a blended learning category with lots of third party posts validating the learning benefits of blended learning.
My website is dedicated to advanced individual learning outcomes (at risk, below grade, ELL, Special Ed, ELA, Math, Traditional, Gifted) and has over 900+ relevant posts, including learning theory and research proven learning methodologies. Feel free to use it as a resource

By incorporating teacher facilitated, truly personalized learning, in a blended learning environment, supplemented by truly personalized learning technology, 1,000’s of individual students have experienced the following advanced learning results:

  • More Stimulation per Minute of Study
  • 300% Improvement in Retained Learning per Hour of Study
  • 11% less study time, 22% less test time, and 95% higher test scores


California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE); Advanced English Learners pass rates up to 78%; Advanced Special Education learners pass rates up to 50%; Advanced Traditional education learners pass rates up to 100%. Customized, annualized, CAHSEE, Return on Investment (ROI), economic validations, have ranged between 800% and 4,000%+

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