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Student Success Software

Student Success Software – Students say campus technology needs major overhaul–but why?


Tom’s Comments:

Unfortunately, the data in this report validates, the  sad fact that traditional education institutions have remained institution focused. This is in contrast to educationally progressive institutions being student and student success focused.

  • Traditional education has legacy,  minimally integrated, Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), all from differing providers, that have historically worked well for the institution
  • These legacy systems have historically supported an incumbent, traditional, one size fits all teaching methodology, which research has proven to be ineffective and inefficient, in empowering students to be relevantly and adaptively successful
  • Students, who interact with multiple software platforms, understand which ones are successfully integrated, are easy to use (e.g. single sign on) and deliver the outcomes they are looking for
  • Students have learned through personal painful experience, supported by validated research, that ‘technology’ alone will not empower their success; seamlessly integrated, student success outcomes focused, educationally innovative, professionally facilitated, software, in a blended and flipped environment will
  • Traditional educators have a history of discounting what’s best for their students and focusing on what’s best for the institution
  • Since Students = Revenue and Students are gravitating to those organizations that directly and measurably empower sustained,  advanced, student success, performance improvement outcomes, those traditional education organizations, unwilling to change paradigms, will see their revenue decrease and wonder why. It’s happening now
  • Student focused, progressive, educationally innovative organizations will thrive. Those traditional educators, that are institution focused and unwilling to change to a 21st century, advanced, student success, performance improvement outcomes focused paradigm, will atrophy.


Student Success Software – BY MERIS STANSBURY; June 24th, 2016
student success software

Report on student opinions regarding campus technology includes infographic; take the eCampus News poll to voice your own opinion.

Student Success Software – According to a new report, thanks to a lack of digital options and tedious online protocols part of many campus technology initiatives, students say they study less and think less of their university.

Key Points:

  • One-third of students feel student administration systems do not meet their expectations, making them less likely to recommend the institution.
  • Unit4, an enterprise applications for service organizations company revealed this result as part of a multi-national research study on students’ perceptions of their campus technology.
  • The survey also found that 7 in 10 students would recommend that their universities review and change its digital strategy.

student success software

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