Mobile Solutions for College Admissions; Stuck in the Stone Age with your Inquiry Management?

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Feb 152013

Mobile Solutions for Higher Education Admissions: Stuck in the Stone Age with your Inquiry Management?

By Mark Walters, N2N Solutions

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Paper based Inquiry forms – Still Stuck in “Stone Age”?

Years ago I visited a remote waterfall in Hawaii and noticed the parking attendant using a primitive system. For every car that entered, he would move a rock from one pile to another. No rocks on pile 1 meant no parking spaces available. As cars would leave, he would move a rock back to its original space.

How can you improve on that?

Employees understood the system easily, it accomplished its purpose, keeping track of available parking spots.

This worked in Rural Hawaii in the early 70s.
There was no competition. The waterfall was intentionally kept a secret, for only ‘locals’ willing to pay a small fee for a parking space.
The waterfall was flowing 24/7 at no cost to the managers. There was no overhead.

Typical Inquiry Management Process – a faulty net?

Today’s institutions don’t have the luxury of losing even a single prospect. With multiple Universities vying for the same base of potential students, it is essential to have an edge, or at the very least, keep up with other institutions.

Recruiters are still using paper forms in some places.

Valuable data can be easily lost or misunderstood due to poor handwriting.
This is a gap in the net where some fish can be lost.
The next step is a follow up meeting with their counselor. Several emails or phone calls eventually manifest as a face to face meeting and tour of the campus.

Leveraging Mobile Technologies to recruit students of the mGeneration

High School and Middle School students are using Smart Phones and tablets for email, internet media, gaming and social media communication. From recent studies by Noel-Levitz ( and other reputable Higher Education leaders, High School students are looking for Universities and College on their Apple iTunes App Stores, Marketplace and Mobile capable websites. The usage of Personal Computers and Laptops for accessing email and internet has been shown to continue and decline at a precipitous rate.

Another potential hole may be caused by a delayed response. Mobile technology is in the hands or pockets of practically all your potential students.

Photo Source

Why not arm your recruiters with the same technology and take full advantage by implementing a Mobile friendly system from the start?

Many Universities and Colleges have deployed Mobile Applications on iTunes App Store and Android (Google Play) Market Place to improve the quality of data collection by leveraging Mobile Technologies.

N2N Services offers a mobile enrollment package that tracks student history from the moment they show interest. This tool will help find your weak points, the ‘holes in your net.’
By decreasing the number of ‘holes in your net’ you can expect a healthy flow of new students.

Check out N2N’s video on Mobile Recruitment Process and its advantages for College Recruiters, Prospective Students and University Enrollment.

Check out N2N’s Product video on eNroute – Mobile Communication module that leverages the power of smart phones to streamline communications between Recruiter and prospective student.

For more information about N2N’s Mobile Product suite for Enrollment Management, please visit our website.

Posted 7th January by Mark Walters


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