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Nov 302015

Reading – Ranking States from Birth to 3rd Grade


Reading – New America has released a report, “From Walking to Crawling: Ranking States on Birth to 3rd Grade Policies That Build Strong Readers.”

Citing the need to alleviate reading disparities between high- and low-income children as young as 18 months, the report evaluates states on their policies that help students advance to a fourth grade reading level. New America used seven policy areas such as the specific “Full-Day Kindergarten: Access and Quality” and the broad “Educators: Teachers and Leaders” to rank states as “Walking, Toddling or Crawling.” Only five states reached “Walking” status—all five had state-funded pre-K and a third grade reading law—and 35 states were stuck in “Toddling” limbo. The report does clarify, though, that even the highest-scoring state, New York, would still earn a “C” in letter-grade terms…..

Reading – Read the Report Here

Reforming Early Education, Birth Through Third Grade State and Local Reports From 2015 through 2016, the Early Education Initiative will be producing a series of reports from states and localities across the United States to provide an inside look at efforts to support children’s learning from infancy and extending into the early grades. Access to the reports is available through Atlas (atlas., the data and analysis tool designed for New America’s Education Policy Program. Reports are forthcoming, or have already been published.


Only about one-third of children attending school in the United States can read proficiently at fourth grade, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as “the nation’s report card.” 1 If that is not dismaying enough, consider the outcomes for our most vulnerable students. For fourth graders from low-income families, the proportion of students reading on grade level plummets to less than 20 percent. Less than 10 percent of dual-language learners (DLLs) are meeting expectations. These children have difficulty understanding the more complex material covered in school at this age, and the ramifications can be serious.

Read the Rest of the Report Here


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