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21st Century, Educationally Innovative, Deep, Adaptive, Learning, Software


Truly Personalized, Web Based, Adaptive Learning, Performance Improvement, Software; (Available Since 2000)

Truly, personalized, adaptive learning technology (web based software)  creates truly personalized advanced learning outcomes: Innovative, Learner Centric, One-to-One, Learning Performance Improvement Technology (LPIT) ensures that every person reaches true mastery in the shortest amount of time:

  • More Stimulation per Minute of Study
  • 300% Improvement in Retained Learning per Hour of Study
  • 11% less study time, 22% less test time, and 95% higher test scores

Personalized Learning Environments, via personalized learning software, creates a unique, customized, course plan for each participant, adjusts learning and ongoing reinforcement (distributed practice) to each participants required time needed to learn the critical information to mastery (in the shortest time possible – think differentiated instruction and differentiated reinforcement), monitors each participants ongoing learning progress and measures each participants learning time to mastery (in the shortest amount of time) on the assigned task. A truly personalized learning and learning transfer approach, that integrates research proven, accelerated learning methodology into the technology, creating a one-to-one, individually paced, spaced and reinforced learning environment.

Disruptive Sales Performance Improvement Technology

10 Critical, Integrated, Components, that Guarantee Learning will Individually Stick

International Inside Sales Certification Program 

Including Verbal Skills Role play Simulation Technology

Public Education – Individual Learning Performance Improvement Software

10 Critical, Integrated, Components, that Guarantee Learning will Individually Stick

Public Education and Accelerated Learning Methodologies

Including Verbal Skills Role play Simulation Technology

Personal learning Environment: Mastery produces people who have the adaptive reasoning skills required to effectively apply knowledge to new situations.

You will benefit from: (I) Improved Learning Outcomes and Increased Competence; a. Retention to fluency (95% vs. 28%), b. Behavior change through accountable reinforcement, c. Improved application, d. Advanced individual performance and e. Advanced organization performance

Business, School (Education) and Government Solutions

Empowering Individuals to LEARN, RECALL and APPLY critical, difficult, information, via proven neuroscience methodology of how learning happens in your brain.

1. One-to-One, Web-Based, Brain-Based, Learner Centric eLearning delivery (SaaS); With Integrated, Coaching and Mentoring, Communication Tools

Empowering Learners with Advanced Speed to Proficiency, Fluency, Mastery

A. Sales Simulation: Brain-Based, Affordable, Role-Play Simulation; introduce, supplement and reinforce best practices role-play, to overcome participant engagement barriers and to ensure individual behavior change.

B. Advanced Learning through Enhanced Retention. Learning Retention bettered, up to 239%; Pass Rates improved, up to 100%; Content Creation streamlined, up to 50% faster; All Consistent with your key, organization, objectives.

C. Turnkey eLearning application for California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE); Advanced English Learners pass rates up to 78%; Advanced Special Education learners pass rates up to 50%; Advanced Traditional education learners pass rates up to 100%. Endorsed by The California Continuation Education Association (CCEA). Approved by the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA). Customized, annualized, CAHSEE, Return on Investment (ROI), economic validations, have ranged between 800% and 4,000%+

D. Tailored Solutions for Corporations, Schools, Government and Institutions

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