Jul 242012

Sales Enablement: The Missing Piece to the New Product Launch

Sales Enablement: By Matt Sharrers on Fri, Jul 20, 2012

Sales Enablement: Only 17% of sales forces are trending to make the new product revenue quota in 2012. Why are these companies missing the new product revenue quota?

Lack of Sales Enablement.

What is sales enablement? Getting the sales force ready to deliver the new product revenue quota. This will be discussed in more detail in our 6th Annual Tour Event at MakingTheNumber.com but here is a preview.

Sales Enablement has 3 objectives:

  • Deliver the new product revenue quota
  • Hit short-term revenue goal while moving to new product.
  • Get to reference-ability quickly. (land a couple big accounts to act as references)

There is a growing body of work on sales enablement. The first is the Sales Rep Playbook. One of the key outputs of the Sales Rep Playbook is a Buying Process Map. To build a buying process map, you must start with buyer persona research. The key with buyer persona research is doing it across each individual buyer that touches your product. Buyer personas are fictional representation of your ideal customer profile down to the individual level.

4 key objectives when you build buyer personas:

sales enablement



Tom McDonald’s Comments:

If at all possible, you want to be able to effectively and efficiently present to each and every prospect your business reason to buy.

A customized, web based, interactive, sales decision engine, that empowers you to use your prospects numbers in demonstrating your defined business reason to buy, will more effectively and more efficiently drive your sales presentation forward.




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