Nov 042011

Selling Tips: Stop Losing Sales, Part 1 [Video]

Selling Tips: By John Von Achen, Via SALESLAB

Selling Tips: Lost any sales lately? Sucks doesn’t it! But just because you lost the sale … DOES NOT mean you have to lose! Yes, that is right. John shares how you can “profit” from almost all sales and all selling relationships, regardless of whether a customer buys from you. Sounds too good to be true, but it is. Watch and see for yourself.


Selling Tips: By John Von Achen
Known as one of the most respected sales experts in the emerging markets of Europe, Asia, Russia and the C.I.S., John Von Achen has become a legend when it comes to helping individuals and organizations achieve their maximum performance. Through his thought provoking seminars and exceedingly popular books, John Von Achen reaches an audience of tens of thousands from around the world every month. To learn more about John, visit his websites:,


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