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Sales Meeting: 3 Key Ingredients For A Successful Sales Meeting

Sales Meeting:  June 12, 2012, By Sean McPheat
A great sales meeting can uplift the sales team, create sales momentum and stimulate teamwork and unity. While creating a good sales meeting is not easy, it is quite simple. Integrate the following three key ingredients, and you will have better success in your sales meetings!
 #1: Educate
Uncover Problems and Pain
Just as when dealing with prospects, with your sales team, you need to unearth their problems, even when they are unaware that they have any. Then you need to use those problems as the basis for your sales meetings.

You should have a personal wrap-up meeting with each sales person at the end of every day or week, depending on the logistics and your sales cycle. During that individual meeting, you want to make note of the problem areas the sales person has. However, do not correct those issues at that time. Instead, use those problems as the foundation for your sales meetings.

With this method, you do not point out the sales person’s shortcoming directly to him or her. Instead, you bring it up as a group problem, and solve it in unerlatteral fashion. This way there is never a confrontation with the sales person, and the sales meeting delivers extremely valuable and timely information.

#2: Illustrate
Do more than just talk in a sales meeting. Actually, demonstrate. If there are areas in the sales interaction that sales people need more training, don’t just talk it—do it. Role-play. Have experienced sales people actually show how it is supposed to be done. In this way, as you are explaining some of those BASICS to the newer sales people, the more experienced team members will not only be involved, but will serve as the “good examples.”

#3: Motivate
With the above first two ingredients, the motivation becomes almost automatic. However, lastly is the time to instil a little rah-rah, pep rally excitement. End the sales meeting on the high-note of congratulations, recognising successes and celebrating new goals.

For a successful sales meeting: Educate, Illustrate and Motivate!

Happy Selling!


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