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Nov 012011

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Employment Assessment / Personality Profile

Employment  Assessment: BLOG POSTING #1 [10/31/11], Matt Hudson

Employment Assessment: Question:  Why do 80% of Fortune 1000 companies test people before they hire?

Answer:  Because they know that guessing is much more expensive. 

employment assessment

Case in point about just one bad hire.

Position: Full-time Radio Station Sales Person
Salary: $5,000 a month (1st 6 mos) draw vs. commission + full benefits

Recently, we convinced a major market radio station VP/Sales to try our SalesMax® hiring tool.  He had his most recent hire take the test.   (Typically, it’s used pre-hire to weed out poor candidates) .  The VP/Sales assured me she’d do well on the assessment.  The results were shocking. 

Not only did she score way under par, SalesMax® suggested they ‘Avoid’ even interviewing her.  SalesMax® discovered she had no energy, couldn’t close a sale, wasn’t very assertive, and more.  Her Score was just 18.  

UPDATE:  Three months into her new job and the truth is out.  SalesMax® nailed it!  The VP/Sales has spent dozens of hours training and working with her.  The radio station now has another rep go with her to close sales.

Conclusion: In this economy companies are lucky if they are hiring people.  This VP/Sales is sold on using pre-employment assessments in his hiring process from here on.  Like many people, he didn’t know there are such hiring tools available.  His Hard Costs for this bad hire will total about $50,000.  The Soft Costs (training, coaching, lost sales) another $50,000.

Back in the early 1990s, I started a research company and we hired 250 people our first year.  Our turnover was very high in our call centers.  I wish we would have had access to assessments back then.  This product for Sales Managers/VPs called SalesMax® really delivers a R.O.I.  If it can save you from just one bad hire it will pay for itself forever.


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