Money – Is More Money Really Educations Fix All?

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Feb 272016

Money – Is More Money Really Education’s Fix All?

Educators perpetually cry for more money, as the primary  fix all solution to the problems in education.

History has shown money is not the problem, so more of it is not the solution.

Money -While traditional educators were teaching, using flawed, one size fits all methodologies, their profession changed, to their surprise, underneath them.

Traditional educators are currently tasked, via their tuition paying, students, parents, individual and business taxpayers via State, Federal and Local taxes, including local funding referendums, with providing relevant, individual, student success, adaptive learning, outcomes, that result in relevant, individual student, sustained, performance improvement outcomes.

As credible data and credible research perpetually validates, this defined, current, individual student, student success, sustained, performance improvement outcome, is rarely accomplished overall, but is not directly accomplished, nor will it be individually achieved, directly resulting from the one size fits all, incumbent, ineffective and inefficient teaching methodology. This strategic, defined, mission, vision, outcome happens, if at all, outside of the traditional school, directly on the shoulders of students and employers after graduation, via, grit, determination, panic, trial, error, and additional education.

Even though we spend more per student than most developed countries and get less education returns for our investment, we are habitually bombarded with the solution that will fix everything is more money.

The time has come to understand that more money will not fix a flawed, incumbent, inefficient, ineffective, one size fits all teaching paradigm, that NEVER will directly empower all individual students with adaptive learning skills, that result in sustained performance improvement outcomes.

You don’t need to look very far to see that money, or the lack of it, is not the problem.

Zuckerberg invests $100M in NJ Schools

Increased spending has not improved education

When you are a hammer

Traditional educators need to understand, embrace,  then correctly implement research proven, best practices, in individual student learning, 21st Century learning, that empowers all individual students, to adaptively learn new key skills, that deliver individual student success outcomes, that result in sustained individual student performance improvement outcomes, effectively and efficiently.

Traditional education overall needs to use the money, they receive, more effectively and efficiently. They need to deliver better individual student outcomes with less money, or at least with the same money.

They need to be accountable for their individual student performance outcomes, aligned with their defined strategic objectives, they are not volunteers and they need to weed out disruptive colleagues, that are unproductive, so that money can go towards productive educators.

Traditional education, no matter how much they say otherwise, wants it both ways (1) They want to aggressively maintain the ineffective, inefficient, institution focused,  one size fits all, teaching paradigm, that clearly does not deliver desired student success results and (2) get more money to do so

Clearly the problem will be solved by a paradigm change, from an incumbent, flawed, institution centered, one size fits all teaching methodology, to a research validated, best practices proven, student centered, 21st century, learning methodology.

Now all we need to do is convince our traditional education professionals to embrace what works, for student success outcomes, vs. being aligned with what doesn’t work, for student success outcomes.

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