Dec 082011

Sales: The Front End of the Sales Cycle

Sales:  Want to close more sales?  Then you better do a better job at the FRONT end of the sales cycle. Learn how to get more decision makers on the phone with Steve Richard of Vorsight.

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01:00 Ice To Eskimos?
02:00 Steve Richard’s work history, including a role as a CNBC contributor
02:30 Why does Steve focus on the front-end of the sales funnel?
03:30 There is a lot of junk in the pipeline prohibiting velocity
04:00 The philosophy of a sales cylinder versus a sales funnel
04:30 Knowing your client’s profile, how to find those contacts and then determine the influencers and their direct lines.
05:15 Kevin is intrigued by the 3×3 Research Approach
07:00 3×3 Research creates possibilities for engagement with a lead
09:00 If you can double your direct lines you can triple your results.
10:00 Steve navigates the gatekeeper live on the air.
12:00 Star – Pound – Four on Cisco works a miracle.
13:00 Putting the extra effort into every single phone call.
16:00 DEPT = DNA Environment Performance Technology
18:00 Tips for sales managers: go look at your job openings! Would you want this job?
19:00 Steve’s Call To Action: Download the Vorsight Sales Prospecting Training Curriculum
21:00 Take a 3-minute web survey for a chance to win an iPad 2 or Kindle Fire:
22:00 The struggles of retention for a new generation of sales professionals


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