May 132011

What are the Top 10 “Must Have” Features in the Next Gen of Learning Systems?

Learning Systems: Written by Joe DiDonato on May 12, 2011, Elearning!

Here’s a list that I’ve begun compiling from trends we’re watching (see: Top 10 Audience Trends and Top 20 Trends in Enterprise Learning).  What we’re seeing is a convergence around social media tools, cloud computing, interoperability, and a few others.  We’re also seeing a lot of uncertainty as to which trends are really going to stick over the next decade.  Here’s the initial list for your input and comments:

  1. Social Networking Tools
  2. Talent Management Tools
  3. Expert Directories
  4. Context-Sensitive Embedded Learning
  5. Rapid Development Tools
  6. Strong Search Tools
  7. On-Demand Tools
  8. Courseware/Student Administration
  9. SaaS
  10. Enhanced Interoperability 

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Tom McDonalds comments:

I’m hoping that, #4. Context-Sensitive Embedded Learning, includes learner centric, one-to-one, brain based learning methodologies, that produce individual learning mastery in the shortest amount of time. I’m thinking if Johnny can’t learn the information, Johnny can’t apply the information to new situations.

What are your thoughts as to ‘must haves’ in the next generation of learning systems? I’m interested in what’s important to you, your learners and your stakeholders. Tom


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