Jul 112011

Learning System:  How to Buy the Right Learning System

Learning System: written by Joe DiDonato on July 8, 2011, via Elearning Magazine

With 41% of our reader audience in the process of acquiring, swapping, or consolidating learning systems, we’re asked a lot of questions around acquiring a learning system.  “What’s the best one for me?” seems to top that list, but it’s also the most difficult to answer simply.  Sure, we could pick one that meets certain criteria that we come up with, and we do.  However, that doesn’t mean that it will be right for your enterprise.

And that’s what this workshop is all about.  We show you how to go through the entire process, from needs definition to requirement generation, RFI/RFP, evaluation, and selection.  It’s a methodology borne out of earlier work  by multiple LMS companies, and a proven way to avoid costly mistakes.  We’ll cover how to do it all – and I’ve invited some vendors to come talk to you about cloud computing and SaaS.

If you’re part of a team responsible for buying your next LMS, then this is one workshop that will help you do the job right.  Come join us on September 27th in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Hotel for this pre-conference workshop.  Price: $295.



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