Jul 012011

Employee Motivation – A Happy Staff is a Productive Staff: How to Motivate Employees

Employee Motivation: Via Intuit.com

A company’s employees are one of its most valuable assets, and managing them can be one of the most important—yet challenging—tasks required of a small business owner.

Even businesses that have very few people listed in their employee payroll software still need to be attentive to how motivated, productive, and satisfied their employees are, because all of these things can impact the company’s bottom line.

However, theories abound for how to increase staff productivity and job satisfaction, and some small business owners may be discouraged by thinking that they do not have enough money or resources to adequately meet the needs of their employees.

On the contrary, many employee motivation and recognition strategies require little to no financial investment, and may be simply a matter of adjusting management practices. Others require some investment, but that is often returned by boosting the company’s productivity and, consequently, bottom line.

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