May 162011

Metacognition:A System of Learners

Metacognition: Tapping the full potential of the education profession

Metacognition: By Susanna Loeb, Dan Goldhaber, and Michael Goldstein; Published Online: April 25, 2011, Published in Print: April 27, 2011, as A System of Learners

The fourth in a seven-part series

Teachers and principals play the most direct and central role in creating learning opportunities for students in our schools. Indeed, there are striking examples that show the power that exceptional teachers and school leaders have to make a difference for students. This is obvious. This comports with personal experience. We also know this empirically. A weaker math teacher, for example, might get students to learn about a half-year of material; a strong teacher can get the same children to learn a year-and-a-half, or…



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