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This question was asked within the elearning Guild LinkedIn Group:

“Is anyone using a “random problem generator” in eLearning?

I am curious, is anyone using a “random problem generator” in eLearning?

I have developed elearning materials to teach kids basic math problems. I have to develop each question that is going to be in the course. This often limits the number of questions that can be included.

I am wondering if there is a program that could be included in an elearning course that would generate questions for students. For example, if the course is on the multiplication, the program would randomly create multiplication problems (3 x 2, 7 x 5, etc.). Kind of like flash cards.

Also, if such a program exists, do they provide hints and feedback? So if the question is 3 X 2 and the student enters 5, will the program provide the student with a hint (e.g 3 X 2 = 3 + 3) as well as why 5 is incorrect?”

Here is my response:

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“Yes, I am aware of and connected to a software program that is currently doing this with Math/ELA and can easily accommodate other subjects (available since 2000)

Yes, it automatically generates questions for students…like flash cards (you initially create them, then they are randomly delivered, and algorithmically spaced, paced and reinforced, with increasing question difficulty)

Yes, hints are included…the student compares their answer to the correct answer (best for learning)…there is available information if the individual needs a refresher and there is also backup help available if the student becomes overwhelmed.

This is currently being used, very successfully, in the secondary education arena with below grade, at risk students (special ed and ELL in Math and ELA)

Note the personalized study sessions within (6. (3) Study Sessions ):

Let me know if you are interested in learning more.

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