Newsletter #13: 3/12/12; Ronald J. Kantor, Strategic Consulting

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Mar 122012

Newsletter, Issue #13,  3/12/12; Ronald J. Kantor, Strategic Consulting

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Ronald J. Kantor, Ph.D. Strategic Consulting  Management – Innovative Performance Solutions

Strategic Consulting

“A truly original thinker”
-Daniel R. Bielenberg – Director of Learning Strategy, Accenture

strategic consulting

Ronald Kantor, Ph.D.,  is selectively available for Strategic Consulting  specific to Human Capital Development Performance Improvement, consistent with strategic individual and organizational objectives.

Dr. Kantor’s, Strategic Consulting,  Human Capital Development core competencies are as follows:

Strategic Consulting  ,  Change Management   ,   Management Consulting   ,   Performance Consulting   ,   Restructuring   ,   e-Learning Management   ,   Software Development   ,   Production Support Management  ,   Cost Control   ,   Process Improvement   ,   Risk Management   ,   Needs Assessment  ,   Requirements Definition   ,   Training Delivery   ,   Quality Assurance   ,   Web Design   ,   Technical Writing   ,   Compliance Training   ,  Compliance Reporting   ,   Business Development   ,   Social Media   ,  Event Planning   ,   Media Design   ,  Applied Research   ,   Learning Architecture   ,    Three Year Planning for Learning  &  Delivery  Technologies   ,   Measurement and Performance Strategy & Tactics

strategic consulting

“He is a highly driven learning professional who is intelligent and experienced.”
-Ron E. Garrow – Chief Learning Officer at Bank of America

Our Mission

Services Offered

Dr. Kantor’s Biography # I   – Experience 

Dr. Kantor’s Biography # II – Education

Dr. Kantor’s Biography # III – Employment

Dr. Kantor’s Biography # IV – Clients            

Dr. Kantor’s Resume                     Dr. Kantor’s Testimonials

Penned Strategic Consulting Articles:             “Diamonds in the Analytics Rough”       “Reduce, Reuse, Restructure

Relevant HR Professionals, Strategic Consulting, Information: The six competencies to inspire HR professionals for 2012, HR Magazine (UK), 01/04/12

“It was great meeting you and working with you. Appreciate all the effort you put into the project. It really helped drive our agenda forward.”
-Aimee George – Chief Learning Officer at Booz Allen Hamilton

To schedule a Strategic, Human Capital Development, conversation with Dr. Kantor, please contact Tom McDonald,, 608-788-5144

“Ron really knows his learning technologies and is an innovative and effective learning architect and design manager. That’s why we call him Dr. Kantor.”
-Robert Tubbs – Senior Risk Analyst and Educator, Fannie Mae