Learner Driven

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Jan 252016

Learner Driven

Learner Driven – Continuum of Voice

Learner Driven – by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey; bit.ly/continuumvoice, @SylviaDuckworth


Learner Driven -(1) Traditional, factory based, teacher centered, one size fits all teaching, (lecture, elearning), at best, provides, some of the students, (let’s say 20-30%),  with superficial, initial understanding, which is soon forgotten.

(2) 21st Century Learning provides ALL students, (at-risk, traditional, gifted), adaptive learning skills, that empower individual students with success, that results in individual student, sustained, performance improvement outcomes.

(1), above, isn’t working and never will for individual student deep, adaptive learning, but we routinely continue to use this dis-proven methodology, to the direct expense of our students adaptive learning outcomes.

We must move up the continuum, from our current traditional position of teacher centered, which isn’t working for the majority of our students, to and through,  learner centered, to learner driven, (expression > consultation > participation > partnership > activism > leadership), which works for all of our students, in must know critical information, that results in advanced performance improvement outcomes, leading to relevant employment and positive, sustained contributions to society.

Our goal must be, yesterday, Leadership: guides group as leader of change; co-plans and makes decisions; accept responsibility for outcomes!

Why are we okay maintaining this, ineffective, inefficient, dis-proven, factory based model of teaching, when we know better and we understand that the sole purpose of education is to empower students with successful adaptive learning outcomes, which under the current one size fits all paradigm, rarely happens?

The available solution: a paradigm change from teaching to learning; flipped, blended classrooms, facilitated my professionals, supported by educationally innovative technology.


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