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Feb 212016

Modern Learner

Modern Learner – Meet the Modern Learner


Modern Learner – The world of traditional “learning” is institution focused , obsessed with and habitually stuck on a flawed paradigm of one size fits all, event based teaching:

  • Large Lecture, chalk and slate, overheads, videos, pdf. files
  • Public Seminar, with Supporting Handout Materials
  • eLearning, with videos, pdf. files, word documents, powerpoints
  • MOOCs with recorded lectures, pdf. files, other videos, word docs

The problem with the above, is none of these, event based, teaching approaches, result in individual student participant, sustained performance improvement outcomes. At best, this event based teaching, results in superficial, initial understanding, which is soon forgotten, for the “middle” 20-30% of the participants.

In a world where the marketing buzzwords “rapid learning”, “accelerated learning”, directly conflict with how people learn in a way that advances performance improvement and in a world where high profile “learning experts” offer us a one size fits all event based MOOC as revolutionary, when it’s not, we become confused and perplexed.

The simple reason that ALL individual students are not learning critical information to fluency, correctly applying that information in their world, adapting that success in new and differing scenarios to advance sustained, individual performance improvement outcomes, is that the current one size fits all teaching method DOES NOT not deliver these results. Individual performance improvement occurs, traditionally, after the classroom, for some students, via individual student, trial, error, frustration, wasted time and effort, eventually resulting in some performance improvement

We know what creates individual sustained performance improvement outcomes, but we ignore that and embrace what doesn’t work to advance individual sustained PI outcomes.

Under the current traditional, incumbent, institution focused, flawed, ineffective and inefficient one size fits all event based, teaching paradigm, the burden for student success solidly remains on the shoulders of each and every student, to survive and thrive within a teaching methodology that does not empower the student to be successful.

We know better and have the tools available to accomplish this student centered, key objective, but we continue to embrace a 20th century, factory based model of teaching, that does not empower the 21st century learner to advance individual performance improvement, long term. Go figure.


Modern Learner

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